Friday, 28 October 2011


Overdue with my blog update yet again, so I will quickly wizz through my most recent news. Firstly Origin, went amazingly. It was second year exhibiting at the show and so far my sales are up on last year. I am currently swamped with orders but loving it.
Also during the hectic week of selling at Origin I was installing Hermes window displays. At Origin by day and at Hermes Stores by night. quite an exhausting week but the most exciting too.
So how did this Hermes commission come about? all thanks to Origin last year, I met a lovely lady, Becky Cocks at the show who is a stylist for Hermes. I worked in conjunction with Becky to produce the nationwide Hermes windows for October/November. "Hermes, contemporary artisan since  1837" was the theme, so all window drawing were produced with this slogan in mind. My drawings are currently installed in Hermes stores at New Bond St, Sloane St, Royal Exchange, Manchester and Brown Thomas in Dublin. Please if your passing, do have a look in and I'd love feedback too. Here are some installing shots......

Such a great commission to get and it was great fun working with Becky Cocks, production team Creea and Hermes of course. If you don't get chance to see them, here are some photos, hope you like.........

Saturday, 10 September 2011


I will be exhibiting my exciting new range of work at Origin 2011 at Old Spitalfields Market from the 22-28 September


Please stop by, I'll be there all week for a chat and to answer any questions you may have.......

Heres a few work in progress pics.....getting ready for Origin is now live!!!!

I have been trying to sort out my branding and website for a while now and finally MY WEBSITE is live. Please check it out to see my full range of work.
Also here are a few quick pics of my new business stationary, thanks to the lovely David Sedgewick at Design by Dave

 and heres a photo of the piece of art I made for Dave......don't ya just love swopsies!!
NYC Subway

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Sony Playstation

May was a busy month, not only did I install my first window display, I also completed some work for Sony Playstation at The Great Hall, Wembley Stadium for the Champions league final. Very exciting job and was great to be involved in something big. The biggest mission on this one.....trying to find pantone referenced shoe laces....on a tight deadline....not particularly easy! Got there in the end.

So the brief was to complete large laced Sony Playstation themed words on various walls, all different colours within the Great Hall. Here are some pictures.....created  using screws and coloured shoelaces. 

Nevillle Johnson

Yet again I am a bit late with my news, but things have just been manic this summer. Installing this, installing that, here there and everywhere and also I became an aunty.....which I'm sure you know is extremely time consuming!!  Anyways, lets get to business. Back in May I installed  a window display at Neville Johnson's new flagship store at 3 Wigmore Street, London. Being a Manchester based company, the brief was to merge Manchester and London into a window display. But the real mission on this one was to make a double sided piece, viewable from both inside and I have created the window display on lots of cubes and massive grown up building blocks!! Window is still installed for your viewing pleasure, but if you don't get to see it here are some pics

and some inside shots....

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Nearly forgot about this it was so long ago......completed a commission for The New York Times T Magazine back in 2009 and only today have a realised they published it late last year in T Design Fall 2010. Now the task is trying to get my hand on a back issue.....hhhmmmm.
Here's a couple of screen grabs of the issue

or view it here----page 81

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Fly Away Home @ SIT

After a long week of pinning and threading, I finally completed Fly away home, but not without the pinning expertise of my boyfriend, who I ended up roping in last minute to help me meet the deadline. So before  I commence showing you the finished piece, I would like to say a big Thank You to Zac. Other people I would like to thank are the staff at the Museum in the Park, Lizzi Walton and also Imelda Hughes for accompanying me to the opening of SIT, introducing me to a lot of lovely people and making it an altogether more fun experience.
So without further ado, here's some images of Fly away Home which is part of the Exhibition WORDPLAY at the Museum in the Park, Stroud. 

Other artists involved in Wordplay are Jessica Turrell, Tilleke Schwarz, Clyde Olliver, Lynn Setterington and Lauren Steeper.

Visit Stroud International Textiles for more information on the exhibition

Show runs until the 22nd May