Wednesday, 4 November 2009

By Hand / On Foot

Heres a little info about my most recent show at The White Space Gallery, Somerset College, Taunton which runs from the 30th Oct to 27th Nov;

If you are in the area, it's worth a lil'look......
For the exhibition By Hand / On Foot, I really wanted to take advantage of this interactive space by working on-site in the exhibition space for a week, interacting with passerbys, most of whom were lecturers and students whilst installing Ship to Shore, a 4m x 4m shipwreck sketch.
Also whilst in Taunton for the week, I did a wee bit of lecturing....which I rather enjoyed. Felt great being back in College.Very inspiring.
Best of luck to all the 3rd years I spoke with at the College and also a big thank you to Kirsty who helped me out one morning threading, it was great working with you and looking forward to seeing your stand at New Designers next year
heres a little snap shot tour of the gallery from setup through to completion
Day 1 was spent preping the walls
Day 3- progressing slowly, to much chatting
Day 4- still hammering

Day 5- Completed Ship with a 3D net....

pylons connecting across the room
The Pylon Diptych again working well in 3D space. I added the wires to create a flow around the space

The final view, on Monday morning. The work on the left is by photographer Zac Mead who is the other half of By Hand / On Foot. His work includes stunning urbanscapes and moving deadpan portraiture, click here for more info Thank you Zac for all your help and it was great working with you!

Also a big thank you to Imelda, Neil and all the other staff at the college who were all so helpful and lovely during the installation.

The show runs until the 27th of November. After that Ship to Shore will be no more; it's only temporary so catch if you can !!


  1. Looking fantastic Debbie! Look forward to catching up soon.... Laura x

  2. That ship is amazing, congrats on the exhibition!

  3. I'm really sad to live so far. This show looks great, I hope one day,I'll see you work in real :)

  4. Congratulations on the exhibition Debbie! I'm a big fan of your work. I was wondering if you have any exhibitions planned in Los Angeles or its vicinity anytime soon. Better yet, do you have you future exhibition schedule posted anywhere?? Thank you~

  5. thanks for all the lovely comments guys....means a lot!! to answer you qustion ted, I don't have any plans to show in the USA.....yet!!! but I do have some shows coming up in the new year in the UK....quite a few in manchester and also I will be showing in Brussels in Feb. I'll be posting about them when all the details are finalised....hopefully soon. thank you

  6. I am very impressed by your work… It’s incredible!!!