Thursday, 10 March 2011

Very much overdue......

So I've been a bit slack with my posting but the plan is to get right back up to date asap so I keep all you lovely people  in the loop with what I'm up to....
My last post came just after Origin last year, which proved to be a very worthwhile experience and I will be applying again this year. The shows new venue and setup suited me very well- running in line with LDF brought in a new type of clientèle, and opened my work, along the the other exhibitors, work up to a much wider and varied audience
Here's a little pic of  my stand at Origin 2010 and below I'm doing a bit of threading at the show
And a few pics of some of the commission I gained from Origin

and another
So thats a little about Origin minds on the go now thinking of new ideas for Origin 2011 if I get in that is.....bigger and better hopefully!!!


  1. Very nice work and timely. Only yesterday I considered dropping your blog from my list of subscriptions because you hadn't posted anything in a long time. I'm glad this morning that that I waited.

  2. thanks for holding in there Jim....theres more to come too. i have just been so busy making work, I've had no time to blog about this space!!!