Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Stroud International Textile Festival

Working locally this week in the lovely Museum in the Park in Stroud, installing a piece called Fly Away Home, for Stroud International Textile festival which opens this Saturday 30th April.
So heres the draft drawing of FLY AWAY HOME I hope to complete by Saturday.......the final piece will be 8m x 4m

And heres some images from the gallery today....... getting through it.... 

 obvoiusly the lighting has to be adjusted

More images of the completed piece later in the week......provided I get it completed on time that is.......

And remember to check out SIT, theres loads of exhibitions, talks, seminars workshops etc spread over the month of May in lovely Stroud and the surrounding area.

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  1. I saw this piece in Stroud and totally loved it! Brilliant. Original. Emotive.