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Friday, 28 October 2011


Overdue with my blog update yet again, so I will quickly wizz through my most recent news. Firstly Origin, went amazingly. It was second year exhibiting at the show and so far my sales are up on last year. I am currently swamped with orders but loving it.
Also during the hectic week of selling at Origin I was installing Hermes window displays. At Origin by day and at Hermes Stores by night. quite an exhausting week but the most exciting too.
So how did this Hermes commission come about? all thanks to Origin last year, I met a lovely lady, Becky Cocks at the show who is a stylist for Hermes. I worked in conjunction with Becky to produce the nationwide Hermes windows for October/November. "Hermes, contemporary artisan since  1837" was the theme, so all window drawing were produced with this slogan in mind. My drawings are currently installed in Hermes stores at New Bond St, Sloane St, Royal Exchange, Manchester and Brown Thomas in Dublin. Please if your passing, do have a look in and I'd love feedback too. Here are some installing shots......

Such a great commission to get and it was great fun working with Becky Cocks, production team Creea and Hermes of course. If you don't get chance to see them, here are some photos, hope you like.........